About us

PCMI S.p.A. is a company specializing in credit recovery whose professionals have been operating for over 20 years on the national and international credit market with more than 1 million positions subject to servicing activities for a cumulative total of over 9 billion volumes under management. PCMI specializes in the management and valorisation of credits, ensures experience, professionalism and reliability by creating value for the customer.

PCMI has recently expanded the services offered to companies by setting up a group of experts able to support customers in M&A projects that aim to invest in companies and/or portfolios of non-performing loans.

PCMI’s objective is to offer to those who rely on our professionalism the possibility to conduct their business exploiting all the potential, having an approach aimed at maximizing results through the control of costs and deadlines.

Mission & Vision

We work together to satisfy our customers.
We work together to join new opportunities.
We work together, each one with his own know-how and experience, to offer efficient, reliable and innovative services to our clients.
We work together respecting each one’s individuality.



We think outside of the box to find innovative solutions that meet customer needs. Teamwork is the key of our efficiency.


Ethics and Transparency

Excellence is based on a constant commitment to ethics, integrity, and transparency aimed at building stable relationships based on respect and trust.



Spirit of initiative, courage to change, determination to achieve important results. We face difficult situations by paying close attention. We encouraged people to succeed.



PCMI S.p.A. is an aggregate member of ASSILEA – Associazione Italiana Leasing, a trade association that brings together almost all the operators of financial and operational leasing in Italy.


PCMI S.p.A. is an ordinary member of UNIREC, the Italian trade association of companies that provide a wide range of services, from commercial information, to recovery, to the purchase of credits and which aggregates more than 80% of companies in the sector.



Banks and leasing companies


Institutional investors



Code of ethics

PCMI S.p.A. is an autonomous and independent company that aims, through its activities, to create value from organizational and business processes structured to ensure the integrity and transparency of the company over time.

The fundamental principles that inspire PCMI S.p.A. are:

  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Moral integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency and Clarity

Organisational and control model pursuant to legislative decree No. 231/01

approved by the Board of Directors on 21/12/2020

PCMI S.p.A.’s decision to equip itself, starting in 2018, with a Code of Ethics and the Organization and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, is part of a broad program to strengthen the Company’s organizational, operational and control structures and set-ups, continued through further changes made in 2019 and which will continue in 2020.

The review and update of the organization and management model therefore responds to the dual need to incorporate the regulatory changes that have taken place regarding the administrative liability of entities pursuant to the above-mentioned Legislative Decree no. 231/01 since the drafting of its first version and to reflect PCMI’s new corporate and organizational structures.

This model, together with the Code of Ethics and the internal procedures adopted and to be adopted, constitutes an effective “system” for preventing and contrasting illegality, in line with legislative requirements and, above all, consistent with the principles underlying the business activities of PCMI S.p.A.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Mail: dpo@pcmigroup.it